The Contract Directory

Are you ready for the fight?

Exotic media-darling maniacs, Contract Killers are the crazed superstars of the world of progress. Life as one of SLA’s tame murderers is just a heady blend of fame, fortune and adoring fans… except for Hunter Sheets, Slayer’s dirty work, sponsorship duties, lethal secrets and desperate fights to the death in dingy, stinking alleys.

Every day, thousands of would-be heroes are sucked into the Circuit, chewed up, and spat back out again. In chunks. To survive, you have to be dedicated, aggressive and photogenic. Oh yeah, you have to be insane too. And that’s before you find out about all the stuff they don’t talk about on 3ird eye news reports.

Inside the pages of the Contract Directory, you’ll find everything you need to chew your way to the top. The truth about life in the Circuit, Arena, Street and Covert games, and the shows every Killer wants to appear on. The reality of sponsorship, constant media attention and gaining reputation. Detailed profiles of the stars. Exotic territories, from the bowels of downtown to deep-space installations and distant worlds. Tactical essays. How to survive the secret assignments that all Killers are lumbered with.

On top of all that, you’ll find all sorts of goodies that will make a major impact on every game of SLA Industries. There’s equipment to die for – including high-fashion armour, exotic weaponry, brutal combat-grade industrial tools and innovative new skills, drugs and gadgets for the discerning maniac. Detailed new rules include full systems for madness, martial arts, critical hits and custom weapons, and a shocking new race for player characters. An entire new type of assignment, complete with example missions, will add versatility to campaigns.
With full information on how and why to integrate Killers into your games, the Contract Directory is certain to bring lots of new life – and death – to SLA Industries