Save SLA Industries

The SLA Industries RPG is dying.

No, wait, don’t go! We didn’t say it’s dead! Yes, this is sad, but we can save it. Right now, Nightfall Games makes almost no money for those working on it and it’s very much a part time endeavour for Dave and Jared. This needs to change if the SLA Industries RPG is to survive.

We can keep doing our slow and dwindling releases, but as freelance art, Dave’s main source of income, is taking more and more time as the pay rate stagnates as inflation creeps up, we need a better solution. There are two ways of dealing with this: Dave can drop the SLA RPG and concentrate on chasing art commissions down the plughole or we can make a go of SLA Industries.

We need to make SLA great again.

To that end, we are going to try to get the main rulebook and Karma back in print, through DriveThru PoD and we are going to start releasing new PDFs in one last dash before Dave starves. And that needs to generate a revenue.

How about Kickstarter? No. This is not the right solution for the RPG because the only thing we can fund is a new rulebook, and that’s quite a way away as we have books to release and tales to tell before we can even start working on that. Plus, we’ve seen enough RPG projects on Kickstarter to know that it would not suit our methodology.

How about farming out lots of work to other writers and artists? Sure, this is possible once we’ve got through our backlog and are working on a second edition in a few years, but until then, all it would create was expenditure and we’d need to explain the stories and direction of the current books which would create even more work.

No, the only solution that would work for Nightfall Games would be that Dave and Jared just get on with the backlog of stuff they’ve got to do and release the high quality books you’re used to. Everything needs to be in print and in PDFs and needs to be available soon.

And here’s where you come in.

Nightfall crowdfunding is old-school. We believe in giving people something for their money, so we will release stuff for you to buy. If five hundred of you spend $10/month, that’s it. Dave gets a full-time wage, Jared gets a part-time wage and Nightfall gets back in the game. Our goal is to just release $10/worth of stuff a month and hope you all buy it.

Yes, that’s it.

Our PDFs are available as pay-what-you-want on DriveThru and if you’ve not picked anything up, now would be a lovely time to do that. You can pay as much as you want (or as little as you can afford) for our stuff and we will probably keep doing that for digital releases as it suits our philosophy. We believe that, like those who support artists through Patreon, people should be able to fund the stuff they like. We just prefer to do it by giving them something.