SLA Industries Redux now available

Nightfall Games’s classic 90s RPG “SLA Industries” Is back in print.

As the original book was produced in 1993, with desktop publishing still finding its feet and digital archival options both rare and expensive, all the original scans and files were, inevitably, lost. Nightfall’s design team worked arduously scanning one of the remaining unopened original first print copies of SLA Industries from the archives and other, later, editions to get the best possible copies of long lost artwork. The cover art, a Glenn Fabry painting from a John Beeston ink drawing, was taken from the later hardcover edition, as were the included fiction pieces, while the text was scanned and OCRed from the earlier editions. Continue reading “SLA Industries Redux now available”

Daruma Mill

IMG_6311Update on the future of SLA Industries.

Last time we spoke to you, it was a bit doom and gloomy. Well, things have changed. We have gone into partnership with the guys at Daruma Productions, some of whom are … um, well, some of them are us. Dave and Jared teamed up with Mark and Graham to start a new miniatures company when the Wallace boys showed us that we could actually make a go of this.  Continue reading “Daruma Mill”