Free PDFs, day two: Croak

The Croak is a species of bird found throughout most regions of Mort. They are avian scavengers feeding on Carrion and refuse. It derives its name from the deep throaty call it makes when disturbed or hungry. They are often referred to as ‘flying rats’ as over the years they’ve become as numerous and bothersome as the urban rodent.

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Boomer – a SLA Industries resource

Boomer!Taking the fight to Thresher
“We were taking heavy losses from a couple of Sarges, but when we radioed for reinforcements, we were ordered to fall back and take cover. We assumed an air strike was incoming, which annoyed us no end; we are pretty fed up of losing friends to incompetent air support. What happened instead was we heard a wail of what sounded, to put it mildly, a howling nutter. Then, we were blessed with this vision of what looked like a hunchback in clown shoes, lolloping across the battle scene with an urgent gait. Then the Boomer, that’s what we’re being told it’s called …”

A free PDF for SLA Industries, downloadable from our store.