Harrowvale, a 5e setting

For immediate release: Nightfall Games and Handiwork Games present: ‘Harrowvale’, a 5e setting.

From Westmire to the Deadforts of Knock Ridge, 
Across Thornbrow to the Greyfen,
Up from the Peatpits of Weststead and all along the Mereroad.

Can you hear it? The coin of fickle fate grinding round and round?
Doling out life and death as it turns from one side or the other?
Life and death. Bread and bones.

Harrowvale. Get out or die trying.

Coming 2022, Quickstart Autumn 2021.

Nightfall Games in collaboration with Handiwork Games are pleased to announce HARROWVALE: a setting for 5e. 

Presenting new rules, new classes, unique monsters, and a campaign framework, based in a detailed, highly atmospheric setting of trust and money, Harrowvale is about scraping together enough coin to escape a place that wants to grind you into the mud.

With a team of highly-experienced writers, artists and 5e technicians, Harrowvale brings a uniquely British spin to 5e, with influences ranging from Boys from the Black Stuff, Bread, A Field in England, 2000AD, Kes, to Dragonslayer and Trainspotting.

You need the trust of the people to get coin, but once you’ve got coin will anyone trust you?

With art and writing from Dave Allsop, Jon Hodgson, and writing from Jared Earle, Mark Rapson and Jacob Rodgers, alongside selected friends, Harrowvale promises a different kind of role playing experience from the 5e OGL  rules.

Maybe if you can convince the locals to show you the way, and if they haven’t robbed it already, possibly the ancient kings left something in that flooded tomb
Make a plan, kill a monster, sell its guts to a wizard.
Get someone to forge you a knife sharp enough, slit open a worm belly, see if it’s eaten any coin.
Drive off some bandits, maybe the locals will club together and buy you that horse so you can get far, far away from here.

Nightfall Games Director Jared Earle said: “Nightfall Games have worked with our friend Jon Hodgson for decades, on SLA Industries and other settings, and we cannot wait to take our collaboration to the next level. Handiwork Games do such great work, and we share a love for 5e that made our working together on a fantasy setting, one with such a unique flavour that can only come from British independent designers, an inevitability. Our ideas, forged in Glasgow’s darkest pub corners, would not let us rest until we swore to make them a reality. Get ready for 5e on hard mode.”

Handiwork Games Director Jon Hodgson said “At Handiwork, we’ve loved working on ‘SLA Industries’ and ‘The Terminator RPG’ as freelancers, and now we’re stepping up to be collaborators. Harrowvale gives us the chance to bring something really different to the 5e space, and no one does down-at-heel horror tinged fantasy with a social class-based commentary like Dave, Jared and Mark can. If you’ve ever wanted to see the SLA team do fantasy, this is it. I’m incredibly excited to be able to share what we’ve been working on.”

Harrowvale. Get out or die trying.