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Maggot Machine comes to Kickstarter

Maggot Machine – an RPG set in a lost world.

The year is 1994, just like last year and the year before. The world is a ruined place where hideous mutations – Maggot Machines – reign and the Guilds hide deep in the Underland praying they go undiscovered. The Guild Knights are sent forth in Brigades to bring back the forgotten and hidden treasures of the lost world from a time before the Great Maggot. It might be a spoon, or a bar of soap, or – dare you dream – a can of chunky dog-food. And your payment for such excursions? Bolts. And pain.

Bloat Hound

A Bloat Hound, one of the many horrors that roams Lighthell

Maggot Machine is the latest RPG from Nightfall Games and uses our new V6 system, a rules-light system that gets out of your way and lets you enjoy the unusual setting. Written by the creator of SLA Industries, Dave Allsop, with additional writing by Jared Earle and Benn Greybeaton, Maggot Machine is a weird and wonderful world of lost technology and found monsters.

The campaign to crowdfund the game was launched on Kickstarter on the 16th April, 2024 at 6PM UK time.

“We thought we’d try something different, and I came up with a game of exploration and survival set in alternate world where it’s always 1994 and hideous monsters have driven what remains of humanity underground,” said Dave Allsop, the creator of the world. “You get to play as one of the knights sent forth by the guilds to recover history and knowledge, and can earn rewards if you can survive the above world of Lighthell.”

Toxic Dump

A Toxic Dump

With this creative and unusual world, Nightfall Games wanted a new system that suited the world without adding a layer of unnecessary complication and Benn Greybeaton was tasked by Managing Director Mark Rapson to come up with a simple yet effective system that would work with Maggot Machine and other games that don’t require the complexity of the S5S system used by SLA Industries and The Terminator RPG.

“We can’t wait for you to try out our new V6 system,” said Benn, “and luckily you don’t have to wait as we have put out a thirty-two page Quickstart with all the system stuff you need to have a go!”

With over fifty pieces of new art by Dave Allsop and an eye-punching layout by Dave and Jared Earle, Nightfall’s production director, the book is over 128 A5 pages of gorgeously evocative design, up to the extraordinary high standards Nightfall Games is known for.


A Scraper – this could be you!

Mark Rapson, Nightfall’s Managing Director will be running the campaign as usual and said “Anyone who has backed a campaign by Nightfall Games will know what to expect. We pride ourselves on our communication and keeping backers informed with our progress on a regular basis. Maggot Machine also re-establishes us as a company that likes to take chances on new concepts, like with our previous release Demon Dog, as well as the licensed worlds we’re proud to have worked on.”

The Maggot Machine campaign will run on Kickstarter for twenty one days and will include the rule book and several extras.

Nightfall Games have evolved from their humble origins as a Glasgow indie darling, Scotland’s first RPG publisher, with their groundbreaking SLA Industries in the 1990s. From being Wizards of the Coast’s European wing, to regaining independence and publishing The Terminator RPG, Stokerverse, Demon Dog, Musketeers v Cthulhu and other licensed and original worlds. Nightfall Games makes well-produced games with solid world-building, great art and strong writing and takes pride in high production values with our small team making a big impact on the hobby.