Mini-Movie released for the SLA Industries: COLLATERAL Kickstarter

Nightfall Games released its first ever mini-movie to announce the sign-up page for the upcoming SLA Industries: COLLATERAL Kickstarter. The Kickstarter will go live on the 24th August 2021

The video was released via Youtube and Facebook to great excitement!

“Dave Allsop spent a number of weeks perfecting the script and preparing the assets needed including the wonderful art by Mirco Paganessi. This is the first time we have developed such a visualization and given the positive response, I’m pretty sure it won’t be the last – it was a big investment, but the end result is awesome” Mark Rapson, Managing Director of Nightfall Games

“This makes me want a SLA videogame…” commented SLA fan Peter Birdsall on Facebook

“Alright, that was pretty damn awesome.” Ste Winwood, long time SLA Industries fan commented on Facebook

“Now there’s a cartoon I could get with. Pure awesome!” commented Facebook user Steven Birney