Nightfall Games announce the StokerVerse RPG

Nightfall Games is very pleased to announce that we have acquired the rights to produce and publish the ‘The StokerVerse RPG’ from Stoker & McAuley LLC

The StokerVerse is the exciting brainchild of international bestselling author Dacre Stoker, the great grand-nephew of Bram Stoker and Chris McAuley, award winning artist, acclaimed writer and gaming expert. Stoker & McAuley LLC has set out last year to re-energise the Stoker Dracula IP and show the world the true, authentic depiction of what Bram, the creator of Dracula, had intended for his universe of horror through various modern interactive media.
The StokerVerse RPG will be launched on Kickstarter in 2022. Over the coming months, the writing and art teams at both Nightfall Games and Stoker & McAuley will be working closely together to bring this brilliant IP to the roleplaying table in the form of a 240 page tome. The game will feature Nightfall Games’ S5S system (also seen in SLA Industries and The Terminator RPG) tailored specifically for the game and its nature. The book will be another example of Nightfall Games’ core values of Quality Writing, Quality Art and Quality Production Values.
But before the Kickstarter, the free to download (from DrivethruRPG) Quickstart, Dracula’s Revenge will be released. This will be the direct sequel to Bram Stoker’s Dracula novel.
McAuley and Stoker
“The StokerVerse has already seen the commissioning of various Comics, Novels, audio books and boardgames, proving its ability to spawn a plethora of product potential. We don’t just focus on Dracula, but move into the worlds of original horror and characters inspired by other popular and chilling narratives from Bram Stoker’s works. The StokerVerse intertwines several rich narratives in a multitude of genres. Within its classic gothic, sci-fi, steampunk and cyberpunk worlds authentic and detailed characters with deep interpersonal narratives provide our products with protagonists, connectability and villainy. The interactive nature of the products that we wish to present through Stoker & McAuley Interactive Entertainments will transport a huge global audience into Bram’s chilling worlds.”–  Chris McAuley, Co-founder and Creative Director, Stoker & McAuley
“I am very pleased that Nightfall Games will be working with the folks at Stoker & McAuley. We have already spent a number of hours discussing their plans for StokerVerse and I have to say that this really is a very exciting world to be part of – absolutely perfect for tabletop roleplay. The team at Stoker & McAuley have a big vision for the StokerVerse and given the breath and depth, this could well be the beginning of a continuing publication line for Nightfall. Every now and again I find myself giddy with excitement as I realise how awesome this will be for fans of horror driven roleplaying – it complements our other products so well.” – Mark Rapson, Managing Director, Nightfall Games