SINS – The Roleplaying Game joins Nightfall Games

Nightfall Games are very proud and excited to announce we have acquired the IP for the UK Games Expo award winning SINS – The Roleplaying Game from First Falling Leaf Ltd.

SINS – The Roleplaying Game was successfully launched on Kickstarter in August 2017 and has subsequently seen significant and constant positive embrace from both players and other creators alike. Since its publication, there has been awards, acclaim, a sourcebook (Manifest Destiny) and a Quickstart (Dead City).

What is ‘SINS – The Roleplaying Game’?

At its heart, SINS is a narrative role-playing game, specifically focused on telling the stories of you, powerful entities known as Nemissaries – reborn individuals back from the dead with a wealth of mysterious powers. You have risen once more to fight an eldritch hive-mind of the undying, known as the Brood, in the post-apocalyptic ruins of a 22nd century Earth.

 SINS is a cinematic game about choice, morality and the consequences which come from wielding great and terrible power in a world desperate for heroes and leaders. It’s also about embarking on life-changing adventures, battling supernatural horrors, and often, simply surviving life in an unforgiving world fraught with danger, where even the Nemissaries’ great powers won’t necessarily protect them.

“Nightfall Games has big plans for SINS, including publishing the new material already written by the FFL team and developing the IP with new material and campaigns.”

– Jared Earle, Production Director – Nightfall Games


“SINS is a great fit for Nightfall Games, who are becoming more and more apparent in the roleplaying game industry. Using the marketing reach we are building for Nightfall Games to enable more people to know about SINS is a win-win for everyone. You need to know about this game.”

– Garry Harper, Marketing Director – Nightfall Games

“I have been a massive fan of the game since I first discovered in in 2018. I love the art, the writing, the game system. When First Falling Leaf asked me whether I would like to take over the IP, I had just one question…where do I sign?”

– Mark Rapson, Managing Director – Nightfall Games


You can buy SINS – The Roleplaying Game from our webshop or in PDF form from DriveThruRPG. Lots more to come – and there is a launch PDF Bundle – saving over 50%.

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