SLA Industries 2nd Edition – Progress Report: Issue One

We wanted to make some content for the Coronavirus lockdown and asked what you would like to see. Mini campaigns, location details, player characters and BPNs were all mentioned. Well, your wish is our command.

To get this 16 page PDF, follow this link.

As we find ourselves locked down for the foreseeable due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Nightfall team realised that we were able to alleviate the boredom for ourselves, and hopefully for you, by putting together this document. It is a ragtag collection of pieces, all SLA Industries orientated. Some parts are brand new, some are small and abridged bits and bobs that will be included unabridged in future publications and yet others are blasts from the past.

So what’s in here? First up is a mini-campaign featuring 4 BPNs and a whole new campaign to play through. Mark has made sure that, with the SLA Industries 2nd Edition Quickstart (another free download from us which you can get from Drivethru too) you have everything you need to play the campaign. Next is a location article, focusing on a soft company and its venues.This bit of prose is required reading for those wishing to GM the mini-campaign. The third part, entitled Family Ties was written originally in 1993! SLA originators, Jared Earle and Morton T. Smith wrote a compelling campaign including two rather interesting NPCs. Mark has updated the rules to 2nd Edition and again all you need to play is included in this document and the Quick Start ruleset.

Next, a treat for those of you looking forward to 2nd Edition. This section includes stats to play Carrien in 2nd Edition, including the Carrien themselves, but also their armour and weapons. This taster, is significantly expanded in the upcoming 2nd Edition rulebook, where more weapons, armour and Carrien types are included.

Blistering Rain (the SLA Operative squad from the Quick Start) see 2 new additions in the form of a Shaktar Medic and a Wraithen Sniper. Mark and Jared had a lot of fun with these, we hope you do too.