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SLA Industries Threat Analysis 1: Collateral on PDF

Threat Analysis keeps a watchful eye on the dangers posed to SLA Operatives, employees and civilians alike, informing those whose job it is to deal with them; you, the Operatives. The classification of threats is split amonst the Four Cs – Corporate, Conflict, Cult and Collateral. Collateral threats are those that come from the corporate greed and exploitation resulting from the progress SLA Industries imposes in the World of Progress. 

These are the enemies spawned from the universe SLA Industries has created.

The Cannibals, Carrien and Dream Entities are all a direct result of the actions of SLA Industries but the Aethernauts and Aether Trackers of Naga 7 do not stand alone in their fight against these enemies of SLA Industries. They are joined by an old ally, as the Manchine threat shows signs of returning to the fold.

Threat Analysis 1: Collateral is 224 lavishly illustrated pages of horrifying threats and supportive allies for SLA Industries: 2nd Edition. This tome contains dozens of threats for Operatives to deal with, familiar and new, all with easy-to-read stat blocks, updated for the S5S rules, and descriptive art and text to the standard you’ve become accustomed to from Nightfall Games. In addition to these challenges, you get chapters about the numerous gangs of Downtown, deadly Serial Killers, terrifying Manchines, and creepy Dream Entities.

Mort’s Collateral Threats

A Threat

Introduction: SLA Industries has extensive files on Mort’s Collateral threats, stretching across sentient enemies like the Carrien and Cannibals, a wide variety of deadly fauna, and more recently, the esoteric Dream Entities. This introductory chapter covers what to expect with the book, and then provides a brief synopsis of the chapters that are to come.

Dream Entities: They are creatures that are born of fear, folklore and memory. Dream Entities materialise as a result of anomalies in the fabric of the universe. They appear as monsters to outsiders because their basis in reality is the bleakest thoughts and darkest desires. Despite their disturbing and horrifific visages they are closer corporeally to the people of Mort than they may dare to realise.

Mort City Gangs: They are the discarded and abandoned children of Downtown and Suburbia. Rather than end up as statistical deaths these desperate youths enter into the Charter of Gangs, taking that which was previously denied by force. The gangs in Downtown have changed over the decades, adapting to the streets that are ever changing before them, wherein the latest generation are the most aggressive, inventive and determined in recorded history.

Manchines: They are the horrors of a bygone age, created by SLA Industries to quell the riots in the Fall of 300. The switch from ally to enemy was swift in the Manchines, they had their own agenda and a new driving force: to shape themselves in the image of their creators and failed miserably. The Manchines are feared not simply because they are epitome of the blank, emotionless killer in robotic form, but because they crudely dress themselves in the skin and flesh of their victims.

Serial Killers: They are the broken, misled aberrations in Mort society, raised on a diet of televised gore, junk food and ingrained malaise. Serial Killers in Downtown are Civilians who have been swallowed by hate and frustration and left with nothing but an insatiable craving for fame and murder. Though they are utterly loathsome in nature, they are the media darlings and aspirational figures in Mort City.

Scary Monsters: They are the cruel invention of a scientist lacking in sanity, morals or restraint. The Vodanoy are a terrible combination of the worst genetic elements of countless species, but they take their physical strength and ingenuity from the Shaktars. Like their father Scarogg, they are devoid of feeling and will kill, steal, abuse and utilise anyone or anything that the Vodanoy believe is of use to them. They are greatly feared in Mort City and in Cannibal Sector 1, the place where they began their unnatural lives, the place where they earned their most common name – The Scavs.

The Children of Scarogg: This chapter provides information on a form of energy that underpins the world of SLA Industries. Understood only by the Ebonites and a few ancient species, the chapter begins with what the Ebb is and how it is used, before providing the rules of using it in game. The various “disciplines” that users of the Ebb specialize in finish the chapter.

Planet Mort Fauna: They are creatures twisted and altered by Mort’s pollution and an increasingly hostile environment. Whether in Downtown, the Cannibal Sectors or No-Go Zone the animal, insect and bird is forced to struggle and fifight, until it is as fifierce and tenacious as the Carrien and Cannibal.

Naga 7 Division: They are a cryptic organisation who date back to the Formation Era who have now returned to aid SLA Industries in a time of crisis. Naga 7 Division have been charged with examining and resolving anomalies within the World of Progress.

Index: An alphabetical list of stuff, with page numbers, for easy reference.