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StokerVerse Roleplaying Game: Tales from the StokerVerse on PDF

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In the StokerVerse Roleplaying Game you are drawn into a dark and twisted universe. Faced with terrors from the harsh realities of the Victorian period and the ever-present shadows of the era, you have the unenviable task of facing the Vampire courts, the Werewolf clans and the terrible denizens of the shadows. Save those you can, as you walk in the same gaslight as the Ripper, Hyde and Frankenstein’s Monster…can you stop them before they end you!

Tales from the StokerVerse

Tales from the StokerVersecontains two short stories perfect for introducing new elements of the Victorian-era and Gothic horror into your games. In addition to the short stories, the main antagonist of each is included as a fully-statted NPC.

The Blade in the Darkness

A StokerVerse story featuring Jack the Ripper!

Discover his dark designs as his gleaming blade cuts a bloody swathe through the streets on London. This is a perfect accompaniment to expand your game into the realms of demonic murder as you attempt to stop the world’s most famous killer.

Blood Moon Rising

A StokerVerse story featuring werewolves.

Clan rivalries collide as London’s criminal gangs introduce dangerous lycanthropes and skinwalkers into the pit fighting area. This is a great introduction to werewolves in the StokerVerse.

A Skull with Bat Wings