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The Terminator RPG: Mission Report 001 on PDF

A Human Resistance Fighter has Arrived at the Crashsite

Mission Report: 001, In the Pale Moonlight, is the introductory mission to the Tech-Com: Mission Reports campaign written by Andrew E. C. Gaska and E. L. Thomas.

This first mission can act as a follow-up to a scenario that’s gone bad, as a divergence to a mission already in progress, or it may be played on it’s own. Missions for the Tech-Com: Mission Report campaign will span many parts, and will be released quarterly.

Mission Overview

This post-Judgment Day mission (circa 2020-2030s) is designed for 3-6 player characters and starts off in media res, with things really not looking good for the PCs. After the initial action, the PCs are contacted by Tech-Comm Mission Control (TCMC) with a new objective, that must be completed at all costs.

Mission Report: 001, In the Pale Moonlight is comprised of four distinct scenes and an epilogue. It also includes a new Terminator test unit and a Skynet Arsenal Update featuring a new vehicle and weapon.