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The Terminator RPG: Mission Report 002 on PDF

MT TransportMission Report: 002, Rush Hour Express, is the second mission in the Tech-Com: Mission Reports campaign written by Andrew E. C. Gaska and E. L. Thomas.

With the PCs inducted into the Time Displacement Commandos, they find themselves on an urgent mission to board a moving land train and recover a vital secret that could lead Skynet back to the secret base of the TDCs.  With 16 trailers to check and the lethal AIs of the train to contend with, this harrowing mission will test even the most creative commandos.

Missions for the Tech-Com: Mission Report campaign will span many parts, and will be released quarterly.

Mission Overview

This post-Judgment Day mission (circa 2020-2030s) is designed for 3-6 player characters and continues on from the events of Mission 001. The PCs have to get on the train, find the traceable isotopes, and get off without being atomised by one of its guards, bitten by the radioactive rats found amongst its grim cargo, or crushed under its uncaring wheels.

Mission Report: 002, Rush Hour Express is comprised of four distinct scenes and an epilogue. It also includes stats for the Land Train, T-20 utility robots, and for the Resistance’s favourite model of Heavy Plasma Repeater the General Dynamics RBS-80!