About Us

Nightfall Games is the home of SLA Industries, the cult role-playing game which began in Scotland in 1993. Now reformed as an independent publisher, Nightfall Games is committed to bringing only the highest quality publications to the table top for role-players the world over.

Dave Allsop is the original creator of SLA Industries and a long time artist on projects including Magic: the Gathering, Pathfinder and Hearthstone. Dave currently lives in Glasgow, Scotland where he continues to drive the creative side of The World of Progress.

Jared Earle is one of the original members of Nightfall Games and was responsible for a large portion of the original release in 1993. Still a vital part of the company, Jared continues to write, edit and layout SLA Industries publications around his life as a sysadmin.

Mark Rapson is the owner of Word Forge Games and has had significant creative and operational input in recent Nightfall Games releases. He was a driving force behind the fulfilment of the SLA Industries: Cannibal Sector 1 skirmish game kickstarter and loves the 9th Division so much that he regularly paints his face black and red.

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